Sound Off

Sound Off for Sept. 15: Don’t show athletes disrespecting country

Ignore them

I think the networks need to quit showing athletes not showing respect for the flag or national anthem. They are obviously just trying to get attention. Let’s stop giving it to them.

Bright idea

Better than firing him, just have the Pascagoula police chief post his cellphone number for people to call when they get pulled over. That way they can get off and free rides home.

Parent problem

The biggest problem I see with what I’ve been reading in this column is parents actually want teachers not only to teach all they are supposed to teach, they also expect the homework to be done at school as well as for the teacher to explain to the children about manners, grooming, common decency and everything else under the sun. Parents no longer take responsibility for anything.

Teach at school

My grandson is in the fourth grade at Harrison Central Elementary. The amount of homework he has is beyond ridiculous. What do the teachers do in class? Not much by the amount of homework he has to do at home. Aren’t we paying them to teach our children? If so, then why is it required that we have to do so much teaching at home? The kids spend six-plus hours in school and then have to come home and sometimes spend up to two hours doing homework. This is not acceptable. Teachers, get to work and do your job instead of sending it home for us to deal with.

Cut the grass

I agree with the Sound Off in a recent paper. The city of Gulfport wants the empty lots cut, but the grass along West Railroad south of the railroad tracks is really bad. Long Beach keeps theirs cut. You can tell where the Gulfport line starts. Eyesore!


Terminating the Moss Point police chief is justified. The Pascagoula police chief should also be fired. What kind of leader is that? It’s on video and audio. I support law enforcement but this is not acceptable.

Everyone happy?

If you were wondering which way to Ocean Springs or Gulfport traveling South on I-110 you now have signs. The first sign tells you Biloxi exit 1A, then at exit 1A it reads Ocean Springs. Now Keesler is the last exit, but now an additional sign tells you Gulfport is the last exit, too. Whew! Now everyone should be happy that their city is mentioned on the brand-new signs on I-110 overpass.

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