Sound Off

Sound Off for Sept. 14: Homecoming dresses should be age-appropriate

Teach them

I wish mothers would explain to their “young” daughters about age-appropriate dresses for homecoming. I saw many gorgeous dresses. Then there were many that surprised me and I am sure others that mothers would allow their little girl to look like they were playing dress-up in their mother’s formal dresses. Come on, parents, teach your girls the correct etiquette. Also, I wonder if the school staff allowed some of the girls in with midriffs showing. This is high school!


Maybe these universities should lose one scholarship for each team member who is arrested. They might start recruiting real student athletes with character rather than just athletes.

Fun fair

My family had a wonderful time at the Harrison County Fair. The entertainment was great. We enjoyed the rodeo. Can’t wait for next year.

Well, I never

I support Donald Trump, and Hillary has called me “deplorable.” Well, I am a hard-working American veteran who stands at attention each time the national anthem is played. I took the same oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States, as did Hillary Clinton. However, I never violated my oath.

Not watching

Well, it looks like I won’t be watching much pro football this season. Therefore, those guys can sit, kneel, fly, whatever they feel like doing. I won’t be in front of the TV set watching.


Who is responsible for patching the roads in West Biloxi, and what are they trying to patch it with, a Tonka Truck? There are two different locations near the Neighborhood Wal-Mart that nearly causes your vehicle to bottom out when you go over them. Can’t the city do better than that?

Did you hear?

Where have you been? If you think the one statement Clinton made makes her a hater, you should hear what the other guy has been saying.

First Amendment

I get tired of hearing people say it’s their Second Amendment right to have guns every time there is a mass slaughter of innocents. So if you are one of those, then don’t complain about people exercising their First Amendment right.

Deplorable defined

If one takes the time to learn the definition of “deplorable,” one would see future Madam President was spot-on in her description. To support hate, greed and disrespect is indeed deplorable.

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