Sound Off

Sound Off for Sept. 13: Stand up for the American flag

Tune out

Join the growing support for our nation’s most sacred symbol. When athletes choose to disrespect the flag, change the channel, leave the stadium and boycott the sponsors.


To “Untruthful,” I was happy to read your donation to the Sound Off column explaining the lies of Donald Trump. I’m relieved to read there are some who have not fallen for the con man’s hate and greed.

Speed limit

Whomever is responsible for speed limit signs, please change the “speed limit” to 15 or 20 mph before someone is seriously hurt on Tegarden Road, especially from the light at Pass Road turning on Tegarden to Commerce. It’s a short street being used like a drag strip. No way could they stop quickly. There is heavy traffic flow, and it is a school bus shortcut in morning and afternoon. Several walk this area or ride bikes — putting their lives in danger.

Not MLK’s dream

We are a long way from realizing Martin Luther King’s dream. His message of love and unity is the opposite of Hillary Clinton’s message of hate and division. HC, you don’t know me or speak for me.

Hold on

Some things just never change. If the Saints offense scored 100 points that vaunted defense would give up 101. They play just well enough to lose week after week. We are in for another long season.

Final score

Drew Brees 34. Saints Defense -35.


From where I sit, Hillary Clinton’s accusations that half of Trump’s supporters are haters was hateful.

Not commendable

I commend the council of Moss Point for their actions against the police chief. They did the right thing unlike the police chief of Pascagoula, who wanted to cover up and not charge the man who almost could have killed the people he should protect.

No need

As as a citizen of Ocean Springs for 32 years, I can only assume that the movement to replace Mayor Connie Moran’s responsibilities with a city manager is politically motivated. She has both the educational credentials and the experience to perform her duties without relinquishing any of them to a city manager. If in the future we elect a mayor who does not possess her leadership qualities, I would not object to exploring the possibility of a city manager. Due to my line of work, I have lived with my family in 11 cities, and I can say I am proud to be an Ocean Springs resident.

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