Sound Off

Sound Off for Sept. 12

It’s right to stand

I am tired of hearing about individual “rights.” What is right is to stand for the national anthem and respect our flag. Enough said!

Bring it back

This is to the person driving a blue GMC pick up on Canal Road Wednesday. The rake that you took belongs to Harrison County Road Department. We were working on that road when you stopped and took our rake. Please return it. You have delayed the paving on that road.

Which basket?

You jumped into the wrong basket, buddy. The other basket has hard-working, supportive communities and military Americans.

It’s their right

In reply to “Unintended”: Those men and women who refuse to stand have every right to do so — as does the person who turned off their TV.

Is there more?

I hope Bay St Louis is planning on doing a thorough audit after the tragic loss of their chief. It’s pretty obvious there is so much more to this story.

How it works

It does not matter if I agree or disagree with the NFL players who sit. What matters is that it is their First Amendment right to protest peacefully in the manner they choose. The same as the Second Amendment covers all the gun owners who were upset when they believed the government was coming for their guns. You can’t pick and choose how you want your rights to work in this great country.


A second vote for the new tax by Pascagoula City Council is outrageous. The city financed two different robocalls to ensure the citizens knew of the tax and its purpose. Local TV and newspapers also gave info.

Time to decide

Despite all the differences between the two presidential candidates, there is one thing both say they agree on and that I agree with: “The other candidate is unfit to be president.” Guess my dilemma is to determine which candidate is least unfit.

Here’s my solution

You’re right. There is life without the NFL. But sometimes you just have to peek. So, my solution is to take notice of every commercial and company that sponsors the games and elect not to spend one penny with any of them. Then I am going to write a letter to the companies to inform them. It will say: “It is your right to sponsor and encourage disrespect to our flag, and it is my right to make sure my money does not go toward your efforts.”

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