Sound Off

Sound Off


Glad to see the Sun Herald finally print an article on Donald Trump’s untruthfulness. Politifact ranks The Donald as lying 71 percent of the time, so it’s pretty ironic to see him blasting Hillary Clinton as “crooked.” Politifact reviewed all the presidential candidates and ranked her as the most honest and Trump the least honest. The GOP has spent eight years trash-talking and obstructing President Obama. Now they are doing everything they can to smear Clinton by portraying her as an incompetent liar with ongoing distortion and fake “scandals” repeated ad nauseum. This is the same woman who was ranked by Americans as the most admired woman in the U.S. in 20 years of Gallup polls.


I accept your right to turn off the TV. I do not accept that our forefathers meant to extend freedom of speech to be construed to include disrespect to our country and our flag. Let these men find a country in the world that won’t reject their disrespectful behavior and go there, taking their disrespect with them.


My hat’s off to FoFo for his idea and now implementation of gigabyte internet service to the Gulf Coast. Progressive thinking is what we need in our leadership. Way to go, “Gigabyte Gilich.”


So sad to hear about another good restaurant closing. The problem is the building is high and has no elevator. It is extremely difficult for a handicapped or older person to ascend five long ramps to get to the restaurant. We are a group of 35 active seniors who go out to eat once or twice a week. We keep a list of the restaurants that have good food. If they have an elevator or not is the deciding factor.

Under God

I’m glad to know I belong in the “basket of deplorables” supporting Trump, according to Ms. Clinton. I am right there with so many good people supporting God and country. Hope she remembers what she thinks of Americans who have spent their lives working, supporting our communities and military, and most of all our faith in God when we go to vote.


Can someone please explain to me what is scenic about the Biloxi-D’Iberville Scenic Expressway? It looks like any other Mississippi unkempt highway — rarely mowed and trash all along the sides and median. It’s a really nice and convenient road but would be so much nicer if it were maintained.


Maybe it is time for people to rethink what they do on Monday and Thursday nights and on Sunday afternoons. There is life without NFL football.

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