Sound Off

Sound Off writer predicts three changes in Pascagoula government

Tune in

Note to “Radio idea:” Where have you been? WROA 1240-AM has been playing oldies and Cruisin’ music since last year, and more recently, 100.9-FM. Cruisin’ music consists of more than doo-wop.


Unfortunately, the Pascagoula police chief made a mistake that just can’t be forgiven, but the mayor and city manager’s attitude is ridiculous. The city manager says nothing to see here and move along and the mayor can’t be bothered to look at the video. I predict three openings in the Pascagoula government.

My right

I turned on the NFL game Thursday night and as soon as I saw the oppressed millionaire kneeling during the national anthem, I turned the television off. I know he has the right to do that but I also have the right to turn the NFL off.

The right thing

Now that Moss Point has done the right thing by firing its police chief, it’s time for Pascagoula to step up to the plate and do the right thing by firing its police chief for his attempt to cover up the incident involving McClung and giving him a ride home at taxpayers’ expense.

Just right

As the friend of several teachers, I can tell you the problem is not the teachers: It is today’s parents. Our children were raised to be responsible for their own homework. We asked if they had any, and it was then their job to get it done. I agree many parents are not even qualified to help, but they shouldn’t have to be. Homework should not be excessive, but having some will help with the maturity that is missing in many of today’s youth.

Bad decision

The mayor is pleased with the chief’s decision to drive McClung home? Let’s look at it this way. Take 10 people. They can be black, white, Chinese or any other race. They can be old, young, rich or poor. They can be driving a car, truck, SUV or a lawnmower. But make just one of them Chief McClung in a city-owned vehicle. Have them all driving a vehicle after admittedly consuming alcohol and driving at an insane speed and illegally passing. I will guarantee you with 100 percent certainty that nine of them would be taken in and run on the intoxilyzer, but one would not. Mr. Mayor, with all due respect, your chief made a bad decision and put his friendship before enforcing the law. I believe that’s called dereliction of duty and contrary to what you may think, action is warranted.

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