Sound Off

Sound Off for Sept. 9: Try speed bumps to get drivers to stop

Try speed bumps

I see a lot of Sound Off complaints about people blowing through 3-way and 4-way stop signs, and I see it myself a lot. D’Iberville put rumble strips before some stop signs to no avail. Drivers just went to the left side of the road to avoid the strips and returned to the right side to run the stop sign. I have a suggestion. Put speed bumps at the stop sign. People don’t like to drive quickly over a speed bump. This may not make drivers stop completely, but it will at least make them make their California rolling stop a lot slower than they run them now.

Mind blown

Many thanks to the person at Winn-Dixie in Long Beach on Labor Day who shocked and blew my 89-year-old father away! You paid for his groceries and turned his world around. He came home excited and energized by the idea that good things can happen and people can totally surprise you on the upside. Many thanks for changing someone’s world.

Doo-wop and ‘Rudolph’

Doo-wop music during Cruisin’ The Coast is a great idea. Unfortunately, the radio stations are too busy getting ready to start playing Christmas songs the beginning of November to even work on it.

Invest in defense

Drew Brees should take a cut in pay so the Saints could buy some more defensive players. They will be lucky if they win eight games this year. What? A new kicker? Hello, the light is on but nobody is home. Punt!

Here’s a spot

Lookout restaurant owner, take a ride on Pass Road coming from Courthouse to Tegarden in Gulfport. On the right side was once a Mexican restaurant. It’s been closed a while. Large parking area. May be spot for growth again? Would be nice to have an upscale restaurant on Pass Road. Think about it.

‘Blame the teacher’

I am a retired math teacher and mother of two, so I think I am qualified to see this issue from both perspectives. From a math teacher’s perspective, there must be practice outside the classroom — you get instruction in class but very little time to practice. As I told my students, “You can watch videos on riding a bicycle, read articles on how to ride, and various other methods. Until you actually get on and practice, you will never learn how to ride.” I was well aware of the too many home situations where there was little to no parental supervision to ensure homework was done. Teachers were told at one time we could not record zeros if a student did not turn in homework — a minimum grade of 50 was required. This was a constant battleground for me. The district’s answer was “blame the teacher” for bad test scores — since they obviously had no control over the students’ effort (or lack thereof) or their parents. This led to early retirement for me — in the middle of the school year — after I was told “you will be held accountable” by a school administrator. The public never sees this side of the story.

Yelling season

The Rick McKee football cartoon was spot-on. At least now I realize my husband’s condition is only temporary until after the end of the season. He really does yell at the screen, the coaches and the players. It doesn’t make sense to watch something so upsetting. Wink, wink.

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