Sound Off

Sound Off for Sept. 8: Radio stations should get on board at Cruisin’

Radio idea

Don’t you think it would be great if one of our local radio stations would play doo-wop songs during Cruisin’ The Coast, at least during Cruisin’ hours?

Coastwide problem

To “Get in Sync”: That’s a problem on every major street on the Gulf Coast — Pass Road, U.S. 49, Beach Boulevard. Leaving work last night at 2 a.m., I literally got caught by every light on Beach Boulevard, and there was absolutely no cross traffic. The simple solution is to install sensors on the secondary streets which would only change the lights after a car approaches. This works in other cities, so why not here? Or they could at least have a flashing yellow light on the main streets and a red light on the secondary streets after midnight to keep traffic flowing.

Pay it back

In reference to the article in Tuesday’s paper regarding Hillary and Trump’s solution to school loans: The solution is simple. You made the loan pay the money back.

Please explain

I am an irate Ocean Springs resident and I would like to know why someone wants to change our government. It is not broken so why try to fix it?


I have to ask someone why the Harrison County Development Commission cannot maintain the roads or the tall weeds beside the roads in the industrial district in Gulfport. It is deplorable the way it looks.

No offense

To “Sorry,” still not you not even in Ocean Springs: I think if you had read my Sound Offs thoroughly you would know it was not you. Someone is either feeling guilty or paranoid or full of themselves. Maybe you just want something to be offended over. I was hoping that the answer to my question wasn’t because it’s the only way to be first in line.


Sidewalks are needed in the Windance housing area. There are 20 mph posted speed limit signs that are a waste. People just do not pay attention to them. Another thing needed are three-way stop signs at all streets connecting to Windance Drive. These changes are needed before someone gets killed.

Busy work?

I think teachers love to assign homework to impress the family. Evidently, the teachers do not realize there is no one at home who can help. The parents are working and others cannot care less. After being in school eight hours and riding a hot bus home, the last thing a student should stress over is more busy work. The homework should be accomplished in school with teachers and not with working parents especially now with this ridiculous Common Core.

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