Sound Off

Sound Off for Sept. 7: Police town halls should be spread out

More venues?

Why do the Gulfport police have the town meetings in just certain communities? Why not everywhere?

Nice boat

Nice boat, DMR. Brings back memories of Don Johnson in “Miami Vice” with his Ferrari.

How they feel

Now that Obama has only a few weeks as president, other world leaders don’t seem to be withholding their real assessment or feelings about him. The Philippines president and Russian president were dismissive and denigrating of him personally at the G20 Summit. The Iranian president has been mocking him for months since Obama bragged about striking a “historic” deal with those terrorists. It’s abundantly clear that much of the world doesn’t respect him at all.

Noises off

If you want me to come to your business to shop, you need to turn that awful sounding noise off on your overhead sound system.


As I pick up children at different schools, I incorrectly say Pecan Park. It is actually Ocean Springs Upper Elementary where someone has a problem with when and where I pick up my grandson. My apologies.

Crying wolf

The weather folks have managed to make sure we don’t pay attention to any alerts. They talked about nothing but Tropical Storm Hermine for almost two weeks. When the Coast has a real threat, no one will be listening because we’ve tuned them out.

More pizza

There are a lot of new homes and subdivisions in North Woolmarket such as Rock Creek and Mill Creek Crossing. Only one pizza place delivers and that is Domino’s. Just saying, we sure see them out here a lot. It would be nice to have more of a choice to pick for pizza delivery, but right now, Domino’s has you all beat. We only moved 5 miles from our old home and all pizza places delivered there.

We’ll be back

I wanted to contact your newspaper to let the people of Gulfport know it was well worth the drive from Houma, Louisiana, to stay and spend some time in Gulfport. Everyone me and my girlfriend had contact with was very friendly and helpful. We certainly will be back and look forward to spending time in Gulfport again.

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