Sound Off

Sound Off for Sept. 6: Why aren’t traffic lights in sync?

Get in sync

The traffic lights on Washington Avenue need to be fixed ASAP. If you catch one, you catch them all. If you get through one light you should get through the next, but instead you get stuck at each one. There is zero flow of traffic. Around 5 p.m. every weekday you can hang up needing to be somewhere on time, traffic is backed up further than you can see. Whoever is over this section of road needs to be replaced, because they don’t know what they’re doing.

Just me?

Congrats to DMR for a pretty nice ride but anyone who fishes along the Mississippi Coast has been checked while fishing by some pretty sufficient vessels already owned by DMR. Can I get an amen?


Thanks for your front page reporting on the new toy purchased by the the Mississippi Department of Marine Resources. They need this high speed fisherman’s luxury item like they need two cabin cruisers.

Good story

If you missed the article, “Religion decline helps Democrats” in Sunday’s newspaper, 3C, look it up and read it. Makes sense.

Type of employment

The primary reason for differences in income for men and women is the type of employment. A few months ago a study showed that female CEOs make more than male CEOs. There are federal laws that protect workers against pay discrimination. Employers with less than a total of 15 employees are exempt, so small Mom and Pop operations that may hire friends and relatives are exempt. The article in the paper illustrated that. Ingalls pays all welders the same, a small operation may not. But overall look at the type of jobs, most school teachers are female, most high-tech jobs are male. Both require a degree, those are occupation choices with different incomes.

Not you

To Pecan Park, I was not referring to your school not even sure where that is. Apparently my elementary school is not unique for early birds. I do not want a place in line. If these people were socializing I would have a logical explanation. They park in the road and do not get out of their cars. This has been going on for more than 10 years so it probably isn’t the same people. Five days a week nine months a year that is about 270 hours a year sitting in a car waiting.

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