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Sound Off for Sept. 5: Don’t worry about my time in car line

I’m on my own time

To the person who’s so worried about how I spend my time waiting for my grandson at Pecan Park: I’m on my own time, and I enjoy visiting my friends. You’re welcome to go in front of my car in line. Thank you.

Is it dangerous?

I don’t think being on the beach in the middle of a hurricane is nearly as dangerous as the media says it is. Reporters are in the middle of floodwaters all the time and they’re fine. Case in point: Friday’s front-page photo.

Election woes

The only reason Hillary Clinton could become president is because she’s running against Donald Trump. The only reason Donald Trump could become president is because he’s running against Hillary Clinton. Most people seem to agree that neither one could become president if the other side had nominated a decent candidate.

Advice, please

How do you check up on a doctor before he does a procedure on you?

Of all people

Hasn’t Police Chief Art McClung seen the pain caused by speeding and drunk driving? Hasn’t he felt the pain of telling a family that one of their loved ones won’t be coming home because someone decided to get in a car and drive drunk? Of all people, he should have known better than to risk the lives of the citizens he’s supposed to be protecting.


Here we are in the last big weekend of summer and the Coast has water quality warnings against swimming on the beaches. When will they divert those storm drains? All I can do is shake my head in disbelief.

Good idea?

Bacteria levels on nine Coast beaches are too high for humans as a result of stormwater runoff. Levels are too high for fish too, so BP money should be spent to correct runoff pollution. Good idea?

Times have changed

If we had a show today called “Kids say the darndest things,” it would not be rated G, as in Art Linkletter’s day. To get a laugh out of today’s audience, the kids would have to say a lot of blue words.

Crying wolf

The weather folks have managed to make sure we don’t pay attention to any weather alerts. They have talked about nothing but this storm for almost two weeks. When the Coast has a real threat, no one will be listening, because we’ve tuned them out.

Please explain

Why did the mayor of Moss Point wait until the story came out in the Sun Herald to take action on the police chief?

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