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Scenes from the Beach | July 31, 2016

Sun Herald File

A brisk west wind sweeps across our beach this morning, bringing with it the bracing smell of the sea and a slight taste of salt to our tongues as waves break against the shore. It is not the “wild west wind” of which Percy Bysshe Shelley writes in his “Ode to the West Wind,” but rather cooling, welcomed breaths of air on a very hot summer day. The wind has discouraged fishermen who have now left the pier. Invigorated by cooler temperatures, large numbers of shorebirds fly above the sand flats.

Diary, summer 2016

From the diary of beach walker George Thatcher,

email: fishcrow@aol.com. Collections of Mr. Thatcher’s observations are available from Quail Ridge Press, www.quailridge.com or 800-343-1583.