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Police officers are the good guys


Despite the recent uprisings and insurrection displayed by many unruly citizens and the media's negative portrayals in both the newspapers and on television, the police officers in our country are the good guys.

Every time they put on their uniforms, officers put their lives on the line to serve our citizens by upholding the law and making our communities safe and desirable places to live. The police have tough jobs to do, and we need to support them.

Certainly there are exceptions. A very minute number of law enforcement officials abuse their power and authority, and they should be disciplined or punished.

But most people who have been killed or injured by law enforcement officers had no business resisting arrest. In fact, the reported details reflect criminal records and violations.

Instead of being uncooperative, belligerent or indifferent to law enforcement officials, citizens need to respect the law and conduct themselves as responsible, respectful individuals. Most police officers are friends and neighbors who take a lot of pride in protecting our communities and ensuring our safety on a daily basis. We, including the media, need to let our officers know we truly appreciate their efforts on our behalf.

Though it may not be politically correct, the news media need to stress the importance of people -- regardless of color, creed, nationality, age or anything else -- being responsible, behaving in a decent manner and keeping God in their hearts, minds and souls at all times.

If these principles were to be followed and adhered to, wouldn't it be a great world to live in?

It would also make it easier for police officers to do their jobs, and be better for our citizens.

Thanks to all of our law enforcement officers. We are proud of you, and we appreciate you very much.

Billy Hewes is a former councilman for the city of Gulfport.