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Let voters pick GOP nominee

Mississippi GOP Chairman Joe Nosef
Mississippi GOP Chairman Joe Nosef ASSOCIATED PRESS

We hope we have seen the last of attempts to unfairly influence the Republican nomination for president of the United States.

It is clear that there are those in the party less than enamored with either Donald Trump or Sen. Ted Cruz. Much of the so-called establishment GOP in Mississippi openly supports Ohio Gov. John Kasich. There is a #neverTrump campaign to derail his candidacy the correct way -- at the ballot box.

And that's fine.

And there are those who passionately support Cruz and Trump. And that's just as fine.

But in Mississippi, the votes have been counted and Trump was the winner by a large margin.

So we were troubled when we learned of messages from the state chairman of the Republican Party that seemed like a threat aimed at Trump and Cruz supporters who will be at the state GOP convention in May.

The bottom line is Trump won 25 delegates in Mississippi and Cruz won 15. We expect those delegates to vote likewise at the National Convention in July.

State chairman Joe Nosef said the intent of his messages was not to threaten anyone but to assure them that the party was trying to build unity and avoid a fight in Cleveland. We hope that is the case. We'll be watching and listening.

Later in the last week, the Republican National Convention chose not to "simplify" its rules for how a presidential nominee is chosen in a contested convention. One committeeman noted that such a change this late in the game would be viewed "with a large degree of cynicism."

As it should be. We hope this is the last we hear of suggestions that the voters of the state won't be among the people picking the nominee.

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