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SCENES FROM THE BEACH | by George Thatcher / JAN. 24, 2015


Except for two creatures -- a lone herring gull and me -- the beach is deserted this frigid morning. Other shorebirds had left, seeking refuge from an icy wind. The gull is at water's edge, facing the sea (a strange posture because shorebirds normally face into the wind). There the bird stands motionless, viewing God's wondrous world. It is "le pointe vierge,"* as Thomas Merton would put it, a rare moment in life when the Creator reveals the world's beauty in unusual splendor. -- Diary, winter 2015

* "Conjectures of a Guilty Bystander" by Thomas Merton; Image Books, New York (1968).

From the diary of beach walker George Thatcher / Email: fishcrow@aol.com

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