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TOM PRITCHARD: Thanks for the musical memories

Paul Hampton's fine column (Oct. 4) on good cruising music reminded me of my '64 Ford Fairlane.

In that Fairline, I installed a Lear Jet 8-track tape player under the dash, and it had two nine-inch JBL speakers on the back deck.

She, the Fabulous Furry Fairlane, was metallic blue and had a 260 V8 exhausting through very loud Thrush glasspack mufflers. The air conditioning was 440 (four windows down at 40 mph).

I also put gas in her for 35 cents a gallon, and when I could afford a fill up, I'd get a complimentary American flag glass at the Spur station. I probably don't hear so well today because I also cruised with that baby cranked up all the way to 11. I remember many trips to Panama City, before Interstate 10 and the Mobile Tunnel, blasting out "Born to be Wild," "Marrakesh Express," "Ventura Highway" and most anything by "Grand Funk Railroad."

Some great cruising songs that begged to be mentioned are: "Little GTO," "409," "Mustang Sally," "Get Your Kicks On Route 66," "Little Deuce Coupe," "Dead Man's Curve," "On The Road Again," "White Line Fever" and "Radar Love."

Thanks for the midday reverie, Paul.


Pass Christian