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Republicans in Washington need to get in gear

Mike Fullilove
Mike Fullilove amccoy@sunherald.com

The other day I got a fundraising letter from House Speaker Paul Ryan on behalf of the National Republican Congressional Committee touting how they are working hard to implement the Trump Agenda and need my help to keep the Republican majority working in Washington. OK, I’m through laughing, where do I start?

Dear Speaker Ryan, Congressman Steven Palazzo and Sen. Roger Wicker:

Many of us have supported Republicans because we just can’t support the Democratic Party. Your platform values have been closer to ours and some of your candidates even speak conservative sometimes as well, but we have always been wary of Washington. Washington thinks it knows best — it doesn’t. Republicans waste the taxpayers’ money just like Democrats.

People seem to change when they get to Washington and it becomes more about getting re-elected than serving constituents and looking out for the good of the country. It becomes about contacts with Washington insiders, potential donors and organizations, and slowing the process. Where did all the statesmen go?

We know people like you go to Washington wanting to help. You even have good intentions and ideas, you get yourself on committees that can benefit your constituents, and yes, we know that you do some good, but being a Washington representative for our state is not just about seeing how much of the federal pie you can get for us.

Being our representative in Washington means that while you are looking out for our well-being, you are a statesman — honest, forthcoming, addressing state and national issues of importance and explaining why we should support you a certain way. Don’t be afraid of the media. Speak to your detractors, stand on principle and clearly articulate what those principles are, knowing not everyone will always agree. Those who do agree will support you.

Now as to the “Trump Agenda” — everyone knows the major points, so get to work! Most of what President Donald Trump has accomplished so far is rescinding bad Obama executive orders and cabinet level regulations while constructing a few executive orders of his own. The Republican Congress seems unprepared to govern. There is no excuse for inaction, it is not about you. It is not about the Washington political class.

It is time you realize the Democrats on the left are playing hardball while you seem to be looking around for some wiffle balls. The Democrats play to win by whatever means necessary, while you are fretful over process and archaic House and Senate rules. Have you not forgotten how in 2009 when the Democrats had both houses of Congress and the presidency, that they told you guys to go sit in the corner and be quiet?

Trump voters are waiting for action. Washington’s snail pace is unacceptable. You must wade through the swamp and help bring forth what you have promised America the last eight years. Then, we can talk about more support.

Mike Fullilove of Long Beach writes about local, state and national issues from a conservative perspective.