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Russia, Russia, Russia! The left’s narrative drowns out Trump’s accomplishments

Mike Fullilove
Mike Fullilove amccoy@sunherald.com

Everyone remembers “The Brady Bunch.” I can hear Marcia’s sister Jan now, yelling at the TV set: “Russia, Russia, Russia! Can’t you people get over it and move on!” Many of us feel this way because we believe the Russia probe for the most part is bogus. Many also believe Special Counsel Robert Mueller is simply on a fishing expedition.

President Barack Obama’s administration knew most everything Russia was alleged to have done and made little of it before the election because the Democrats thought Hillary Clinton would win in a landslide. When Clinton lost, the Democrats set up the new narrative, “Russia did it, Trump is illegitimate.” Obama suddenly got concerned and the mainstream media has run with this fake news ever since.

This is only half the perceived problem with the mainstream media. They treated President Obama like a prince. He never did anything wrong, and he wasn’t responsible for anything that went wrong. The Washington media spun everything, especially the economy, in Obama’s favor. Clinton was protected. How is Trump treated?

Most Americans want their media to present issues fairly and balanced. Let the people decide what to believe. Objective standards in Washington and New York have been compromised, replaced with bias and advocacy. What doesn’t get reported is sometimes as obvious as what does.

President Donald Trump’s administration has a number of notable accomplishments (especially to his base), even though the Senate is still stalling many of his appointees and the Republican Congress has proved inept on the legislative front. Let’s look at a few accomplishments:

▪  The appointment of Constitutionalist Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court

▪  Moving toward energy independence (reversing regulations on coal, Dakota Access and Keystone XL Pipelines, increased drilling)

▪  The “Trump Effect” on the stock market — investors, businesses and workers seeing relief coming after an eight-year assault on business

▪  Buy American, Hire American proclamations

▪  Improving Veterans Affairs access and service

▪  Reinstating the Mexico City Policy (no federal funds for abortion)

▪  Relief from individual and business Obamacare mandates

▪  Federal hiring freeze (slowing the growth of government)

▪  Freeze, rollback and re-evaluation of administrative state (cabinet) regulations

▪  Creating hundreds of thousands of new jobs with more on the way

▪  Increasing border security personnel and action

▪  Crime prevention and police protection initiatives

▪  Changes in unproductive military regulations (increased budget, pressing the war on ISIS)

▪  Removal from the Trans-Pacific Partnership and Paris Climate Accord

▪  Establishing an opioid crisis commission

▪  Upcoming tax reform (reduction of the capital gains tax on business to stimulate the economy and create jobs in America)

▪  Hundreds of bids to build a border wall along the boundary with Mexico

▪  A lobbying ban on former federal employees.

Much of this list reversed previous policy, so many on the left won’t approve, but everything listed is good for America. May the people hear.

Mike Fullilove of Long Beach writes about local, state and national issues from a conservative perspective.