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Scenes from the Beach | Sept. 25, 2016

Sun Herald File

“Sunrise is an event,” wrote Thomas Merton in “A Book of Hours,” “that calls forth solemn music in the very depths of man’s nature, as if one’s whole being had to ... praise God for the new day.” On this day, all seems right with the world. Across the glassy calm sea, a tide rises gently. Peace reigns. In the early morning silence, to accompany all this natural beauty, shall we choose to listen to Handel’s “Water Music” or perhaps to a piano piece by Chopin softly played? Music for a new day, we will entitle it.

Diary, fall 2016

From the diary of beach walker George Thatcher,

email: fishcrow@aol.com. Collections of Mr. Thatcher’s observations are available from Quail Ridge Press, www.quailridge.com or 800-343-1583.