Paul Hampton

Rep. Jeffrey Guice could use some sunshine

Rep. Jeffrey Guice, R-Ocean Springs
Rep. Jeffrey Guice, R-Ocean Springs AP

I think it’s safe to say Rep. Jeffrey Guice has an insurmountable lead over the rest of the state Legislature in the race to the bottom. But it’s not like the bottom feeders among his colleagues in Jackson didn’t give him a run for his money.

Guice discovered social media Monday when he shot from the hip and hit himself in the foot. It should have been great fun, giving one of those welfare queens the what for, when he intimated that Nicole Nichols was grifting the government rather than paying for her daughter’s diabetes supplies.

I don’t know the entire population of Guice’s hometown but I don’t think such neanderthalish behavior is representative of it. Still, Guice is their representative. They threw him to those wolves on High Street. Or at least they didn’t get out and vote to send someone else.

Too bad the election’s not tomorrow while the coals are still hot on Facebook and Twitter. Nichols pretty much owned the news cycle Tuesday and well into Wednesday after posting his foolishness on Facebook.

Guice, well, just got owned.

He tried everything. He shut down his Facebook page, shut doors on reporters and issued a terse “no comment.” You know, all the techniques in the lawmakers’ playbook chapter, “Turning Back the Hounds of Hell.”

Nothing seemed to work.

It wasn’t long before the president of the Mississippi Press Association was calling Guice a “jackass” on Facebook and Twitter. Facebook commenters weren’t so kind.

More than one suggested that perhaps a man of his temperament is not a good fit for public service and perhaps should seek employment on a farm among other hooved animals.

I suspect Guice isn’t a quitter, though, hence the lukewarm apology issued under cover of darkness. And, it could be argued, is at home among the boors under the dome.

This is not the first time a lawmaker has failed to keep his inner oaf in check. And usually, the target is a woman.

Remember Karl Oliver? If you don’t, that’s part of the problem. Karl basically told a Gulfport woman she was welcome to go back where she came from.

But if I used the phrase “good ol’ boys,” you’d know what I was talking about, wouldn’t you?

Anyone know a strong, smart woman who can think on her feet from Ocean Springs?

One female senator told me women aren’t taken as seriously as men in that body, either.

It’s time that changed. And replacing Guice would be a good start. Anyone know a strong and smart woman who can think on her feet from Ocean Springs? Wouldn’t that be ironic?

I know the next election is more than three years away and the Legislature could right itself, but the early results aren’t encouraging.

Tuesday, it had to pass another fill-in-the-blanks repair job on the state budget. And the budget for next fiscal year, which starts Friday, already is out of whack.

And every year the state will bring in less money under tax cuts passed this year. Of course, the low-tax people could be right and this time, tax cuts might stimulate the economy and create jobs.

Or the austerity program we’re embarking on will put us in a Kansas- or Louisiana-sized hole. Oh, the advantages of being on the bottom.

It’s probably a good time to unload those confetti stocks.