Letters to the Editor

Jerry O’Keefe earned his work’s final reward

Mr. Jerry O’Keefe and my father, Dr. Peter Pavlov, were good friends and very much alike in their attitude and service to the Biloxi community. They were generous with their time and resources.

My father visited the St. Vincent de Paul free pharmacy in Baton Rouge and saw firsthand that it was a good thing. He knew that the Biloxi and the Gulf Coast communities had a great need for this service.

He visited his friend Jerry, explaining the idea and how it would benefit Biloxi and the Coast. Jerry O’Keefe, recognizing the good sense in the project, contributed a substantial sum as seed money for Biloxi’s St. Vincent de Paul Community Pharmacy.

The successful pharmacy project speaks for itself. Many good people have contributed time and resources to its success. Like many of the pharmacy’s volunteers, Mr. Jerry didn’t want recognition, but his contribution was an important one at the very beginning.

Now that he has gone to his reward for all his good work, I wanted to share this with you — just one more story of his community service.

Mr. Jerry was a good man.

Peter Pavlov