Letters to the Editor

Put Biloxi first by letting Tisdale serve

As a lifelong resident of Biloxi, I do not understand what I’m seeing right now.

Mayor Gilich was elected to lead the city. So he appoints a team to help. Mr. David Nichols recently resigned as CAO to accept a position with the Biloxi Public School District, which is rather ironic.

Tisdale, after a distinguished career in public education, is willing to serve our city for free. The term is from now through July 2017. While with the school system, he showed capability, overseeing a similar budget to the city’s.

My research shows the CAO position pays about $105,000, plus benefits, so $140,000 or so to the taxpayers. Why oppose free labor?

Are there better qualified candidates elsewhere in the country? Maybe, but this is Mayor Gilich’s choice to make. In order to find someone else, the city (actually, the mayor) has to advertise the position nationally and regionally. Then the mayor would have to find someone who would accept a position guaranteed only through July 2017 and pay them. It appears to me that if it isn’t Tisdale, it will be no one, and that’s a loss for Biloxi voters.

It is my hope that the three opposing City Council members will reconsider their position and support Mayor Gilich’s choice for the appointment. This would be the right way to put Biloxi first.

Joanne Battaglia