Letters to the Editor

Athletes should be held to higher standards

In sporting news, it seems like there are more articles on college athletes being arrested on various charges every day.

For the good of the game, there should be some guidelines to follow in these instances. For example, any student’s conduct or academic failure that leads to a dismissal from their team or school would lead to the loss of one scholarship per incident.

If a college does not kick that player off the team, then the NCAA would step in and penalize the school by having them forfeit two scholarships, which could be sanctioned by that body.

This should lead recruiters to looking at the character and classroom achievements of potential recruits and not just their athletic skills.

And for professional teams, each player dismissed over criminal charges would cost that team a draft choice starting with their last selection, which could move up if need be.

Our country’s young people need positive role models and many of today’s athletes, both college and professional, are far from that. Do it for the good of the game.

David Mattina