Letters to the Editor

Here’s why I’m voting for Trump

Here are Donald Trump’s strengths and why I’m voting for him:

  • 1. He speaks his mind and doesn’t lie: When Trump speaks, he isn’t speaking to be politically correct; he is speaking about what he believes.
  • 2. He fights back: If you try and slam him on an issue or something he says offends you, he will hold his ground and may take an even stronger stance.
  • 3. He is intelligent: Trump has degrees and academic achievements, but he also has a proven track record of success in his businesses.
  • 4. He speaks for working Americans: Trump loves America and, most importantly, he loves capitalism and speaks for the working American, not the unemployed, the illegal or the entitled. And capitalism is great for everyone.
  • 5. He has a good heart: Trump loves people and America. He has passion and confidence that can only come from a love for humanity.
  • 6. He’s not a politician: Trump will be acting in the best interest of the country, not a special interest group, and this may be the most motivating reason to vote for him.
  • 7. He’s a speaker and a leader: In today’s soundbite world, Trump is excellent. He is always moving forward to improve the future.

I have no doubt that Trump is the best option for America. There are plenty of alternatives to choose from, including not voting at all, but I will be voting, and I will be voting for Trump. In my opinion, everyone should consider doing the same.

Justin Struble

Moss Point