Letters to the Editor

Education is the key to voter participation

I strongly disagree with Fred Schillinger’s suggestion of making election day a paid national holiday in his “Here’s how to get voter participation” (Aug. 14) letter.

Doing so would add a tremendous and expensive burden on businesses. Even if it’s not many, some employees would go to the polls and pull just any lever without knowing the qualifications of the candidates just to have a paid day off from work. Businesses are already burdened with far too many unnecessary regulations.

A far better method of getting people to the polls on every election day is to properly educate the population — starting in junior high school — about the importance of what was sacrificed to found this nation and how our form of government was designed to function.

People should also be taught about the sacrifices that have been made in an effort to maintain America’s intended way of life and freedom.

Jim Towler