Letters to the Editor

The media may be our last hope

In years past, if you heard something on television or read it in the newspaper, you could believe it. And if you heard it from Cronkite, Murrow or Brokaw, that’s all you needed.

However, with the escalating number of lawsuits, it seems the media has been shackled into a position of lawyer-approved silence. In my opinion, the once indisputable guardians of truth and justice have become guardians of the bottom line.

The media should find the courage to band together on an organized platform to help our communities begin frank discussions that have been avoided for far too long and jump-start the healing process our communities so badly need.

Due to the ability to reach wider audiences, various media organizations, including newspapers, radio stations and television stations, could hold versions of a “town meeting” where anything could be discussed in a civil manner — racism, politics, the economy, our country’s security and much more.

The media may be our last hope. There is no one else left who can do it.

John Stachura