Letters to the Editor

It’s time to stop denying climate change

Folks, global warming/climate change is pretty much happening just the way climate scientists have been saying it would happen — with ever-increasing heat bringing evaporation that turns into unheard-of precipitation events as well as monumental flooding in some areas and droughts in others.

July 2016 was the hottest month in known global history. Locally, there’s been flooding where it’s never happened before. Out West, fires have been raging in drought-stricken areas. Other factors include glaciers and ice shelves melting, sea levels rising, longer summers, shorter winters and crop failures.

What’s next? Border conflicts over water rights and arable farm land? Or political unrest driven not by ideologues but by aspects of survival like food?

If we stopped putting carbon dioxide in the atmosphere right now, things are going to keep heating up for another 60 years, but we haven’t stopped putting carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Can we survive on this rock if we continue to burn up every drop of fossil fuel before we wise up?

What’s it going to take, folks? Stop clinging to your entrenched denial over this issue!

John Kunellis