Letters to the Editor

What’s the climate change agenda?

Anyone notice what is missing from the Associated Press article “Divided America: Global warming polarizes more than abortion” (Aug. 12) by Seth Borenstein? It’s their solution that’s missing.

And why is this? Because believers in man-made climate change can’t be honest about it. Their answer is cap and trade or forcing hydrocarbon fuel producers and users to be taxed for their production and use of this fuel. The hydrocarbon producers will simply pass on the added tax to us, the consumers. Consumers ultimately pay for everything.

Money is what man-made climate change has always been about. The media seems to have bought into the idea and that’s why you only read articles that support its supposed reality. There are many scientists that refute it, but they just don’t get any press.

Critical thinking, the hallmark of science, is absent, as evidenced by the government scientists who agree with the politicians who promote man-made climate change.

Man will not destroy this Earth by using natural substances God put here and knew man would discover and use. Please do your own critical thinking; there is much out there in print and on the internet that can be researched so that you can make your own logical decision.

Joe Boughton