Letters to the Editor

A few budget suggestions for our public officials

It’s budget preparation time again for our public officials, and while we appreciate the effort they put into managing our tax dollars, we would like to make a couple of suggestions since all are working with tight budgets and face many needs for their communities.

Commonly, public officials are solicited by nonprofit organizations for donations of public money.

When considering your contribution of our tax dollars to these groups, please make every effort to determine if there is anyone working for the nonprofit who is paid more than your organization’s highest paid employee or elected official. If so, the answer has to be “no.” If a nonprofit can out compensate the organization they are soliciting, they do not qualify for public assistance.

Another suggestion: Please do not use our tax dollars for anything other than our immediate financial obligations. For example, don’t use tax dollars for outstanding accounts payable that cannot be resolved in the current fiscal year and have to be carried over as expenses.

We appreciate the work of nonprofits and belong to several ourselves. However, we do feel there are other avenues of approach to meet their financial needs, such as fundraisers and raising dues.

Hancock County Alliance for Good Government

Lana Noonan, chairman

Ron Thorp, co-chairman