Letters to the Editor

How well do you know the candidates?

More than likely, most people are either a Democrat or a Republican. Do you blindly go to the polls, vote the party line and then go home with the “I voted” sticker on your lapel, smiling that you did your duty as a citizen? Here’s what you should have done.

You should have carefully researched where your candidate stood on the issues. How educated you were when you entered that name on the ballot allows a candidate to win or lose. The majority voted for the winner.

It is so true that this presidential election is going to determine America’s future for the next four years.

In my opinion, the candidate who represents my views on the important issues, such as foreign policy, immigration, economy and others, is getting my vote. No, I will not vote based on the party I belong to, not during this election. Why? Because this election is to important.

With our enemies getting bolder and stronger, I’m naturally worried about our ability to protect ourselves. With the economy getting worse, I am concerned. With the illegal immigrants continuing to come here, I am concerned.

I am not going to waste my vote. Read into this as you will. I think you know which candidate I am voting for.

Richard D. Vermeulen

Ocean Springs