Letters to the Editor

Don’t lose God during election

In Genesis 6:11-13, God describes the conditions existing on Earth prior to the coming flood.

If you take a close look at today’s conditions, you’d have to conclude that the conditions are very similar. At that time, there was a total absence of God in their daily lives, and where there is an absence of God, there is an overwhelming presence of Satan. Recently, we have again successfully eliminated God from our lives and associations.

I feel this election season is a perfect example of how Satan is working through the left-wing media and working through the Democrats’ social welfare system.

God’s people are a definite minority and are rapidly losing all ability to make any positive changes, but the good news is the adversary’s victories will be short lived.

They will find out that God is still in control, and he will set up his kingdom in his own time.

Stuart Beardslee