Letters to the Editor

Let’s accept Comey’s conclusion

I appreciate the thoughtfulness of Chuck Burkhard’s reply (Aug. 7) to my recent letter.

In my original letter (July 24), I said we should let the issue of whether Hillary Clinton is legally liable for her email handling rest with FBI Director James Comey’s conclusion that no reasonable prosecutor would hold her legally responsible for what she did.

Burkhard said Clinton violated at least two laws, which he helpfully cites, and concluded with “several groups and committees have determined Ms. Clinton violated, at the very least, the spirit of the law, if not the law itself.”

Comey concluded she may have violated the spirit of the law but did not violate the law itself, and I trust his knowledge and judgment on this issue more than that of Mr. Burkhard or those groups.

At this point, as stated in my first letter, people who keep calling for Clinton’s indictment remind me of groups on the street who keep clamoring for justice contrary to what has been arrived at through due process.

Richard E. Creel