Letters to the Editor

Pay attention to our children

I hope that teachers and administrators will take a good look at the children returning to school this year.

The secular/progressive worldview that has dominated K-12 education for the last century and controls it today tells us that these children are just human animals, products of a mindless, purposeless evolutionary process — natural selection, mutations and millions of years stuff. Therefore, they have no soul and are only “thinking” matter to be guided and led to believe and understand what the system desires. Think about it.

We have surrendered our children to an atheistic philosophical system that, according to “The Marketing of Evil” by David Kupelian, “doesn’t honor God, doesn’t recognize God, in truth doesn’t really want there to be a God ... Rather, I’m saying the government’s school system has been cultivated to indoctrinate, to mold, to socialize children ... but not to bring forth from within them the noble character and understanding of truth that lie buried within each child.”

What if, instead, we saw these children as God sees them? His children, made in his image as rational, moral, creative, spiritual and eternal beings? He wants them to learn about who he is and what he has made, and he wants them to know that he is interested in every subject they are taught and every realm of human endeavor they participate in.

We would then have children who love their creator, honor their parents, are self-disciplined and respect school officials and those in authority.

Mike Fullilove

Long Beach