Letters to the Editor

Get to know Trump before you vote

Trump supporters should do some homework on him for the sake of themselves and the country. A few highlights:

  • He owns 515 companies around the world. Conflicts of interest are unavoidable. Quoting his son: “Russians make up a disproportionate cross-section of our assets. We see a lot of money pouring in from Russia.” That money will continue to pour in, managed by his children. Putting his assets in a blind trust won’t suffice. The benefit to his children is still a conflict. And he has already shown an admiration for Putin and reservations about NATO.
  • He has had 3,500 lawsuits filed against him in the past 30 years, many for his failure to pay debts. He habitually stiffs contractors and employees, even his own lawyers. He was recently ordered to pay $300,000 for a lawsuit’s legal expenses.
  • His Trump University was declared an “out-and-out fraud” by the attorney general of New York — and he calls Hillary “crooked.”

There is a limit to how un-American a candidate can be, beyond which it would be treasonous to make him president. Trump is skating close to that limit.

Remember, Germany was a democracy before it elected Hitler.

Bruce Emerick