Letters to the Editor

Listen to Curley Clark’s advice

NAACP President Curley Clark was spot on in the “Comply, comply, comply NAACP leader tells Black Lives Matter protesters” (July 16) article and should receive a “well done” from everybody.

His front-page advice is a wake-up call to everyone that the police are the good guys. This “war” is not a black/white issue. It’s a good guy/bad guy problem.

If you resist when detained by the police, expect to be subjected to some level of harm. Comply with an officer’s request and you will not get hurt or abused. You can bank on that.

People call the police when they cannot handle a situation, so allow them to do their job.

People complain by saying, “It took them too long to get here” and “Why did they have to hurt him?”

Next time, don’t call and you handle the problem.

Joe Leopold