Letters to the Editor

Trump is the obvious choice

I am very disillusioned over the presumed fact that so many citizens, although familiar with the dismal caliber of Hillary Clinton, will, in all probability, vote for her to be president of our great country. How sad, indeed!

But that’s the bad news. The good news is that Hillary Rodham Clinton, who displayed dismal courage and huge malfeasance as secretary of state, will never ever occupy the Oval Office. The president of the United States and commander-in-chief position is reserved for Mr. Donald Trump, a brilliant man of excellent character who loves and cares very deeply for his country. Trump “speaks loudly and carries a big stick,” and he will definitely help us take America back!

We simply cannot afford to have Hillary Clinton in that position! She has done more than enough damage! I am hereby requesting her supporters to please reconsider their position as she is unfit to be our president and commander-in-chief because of her present beliefs, her character and her past actions!

Nolin Briley