Letters to the Editor

Can't we just 'live and let live?'

The purpose of the Ten Commandments was to give us a list of rules to get along with each other.

Christian theology is all about getting along with each other. The U.S. Constitution was drafted so that the government, or anyone else, couldn't take advantage of the people.

In the Western world, our whole philosophy of life has revolved around humans getting along, but over the past 10 years in this country, the government has supported the idea that one set of humans can railroad another set and take their rights away so that some people have more rights than others. That's revolution.

Revolutions lead to war. We as a nation were founded on principles of how to best get along with each other. Why are we letting the president and the Supreme Court make revolutionary decisions that will start a war? We need to stand up for the principles of "live and let live."

When you allow one kind of person to do things you believe you aren't allowed to do, you become a revolutionary. You believe some people have more rights than others, and you are part of the problem.

Stand up and speak! As a civilization, we must go back to a world where we all try to get along peacefully.