Letters to the Editor

Pay attention to actual news

Since the media has milked the flag and LGBT issues dry, at least for the time being, I think we'll hear about the former boxing champ for awhile.

Until this time, news outlets have been running stories about the "poor 500-pound gorilla" that was killed to save the life of a child who fell into its den. The mere fact that authorities in Cincinnati were even considering charges against the child's distraught parents is even more ludicrous.

Of the parents in our insane world, who has never momentarily taken your eyes off your child? In my opinion, that's like saying those without sin, please step forward. The truthful ones will admit to being guilty at some point.

Have you heard anything in detail about ISIS in the news lately? You remember those people? The ones who cut off the heads of thousands of innocent people and vowed to do the same to each and every one of us in the USA? Yep, they are coming here, and some are already here, but our so-called news outlets spend limited time on frivolous and repetitive matters.

There can be but one answer for the lack of information in the news about ISIS: They might be shaking in their boots after being scolded by the president who said he'd get mad and delay billions in foreign aid if they got out of line.

I have one message to y'all: If someone from Cincinnati asks if you have change for a $9 bill, always give them three $3 bills.