Letters to the Editor

Immigrants welcome, but regulations needed

Illegal workers serve a definite need in the U.S. because we have too many citizens on welfare who choose not to work.

The illegal workers here need a method to establish legal status.

Those who are honest and hardworking are being exploited by a few.

The U.S. is not collecting taxes and is supporting the social needs of these people at taxpayers' expense. This political program needs to be corrected for the benefit of all concerned.

They need to pay taxes, have medical insurance, have work permits and be registered, and they need a path that allows them to travel between the U.S. and their country.

We need a wall to prevent unregistered entry into the U.S., and records should be kept on all unregistered workers who need to pass through customs.

However, anyone who is convicted of a felony or involved in any criminal activity needs to be immediately deported.

Those who want to become citizens need a path to citizenship, but they need to earn the right to citizenship.

They should serve three years in our military and get an honorable discharge, but if someone is 4-F and considered unfit for service, they can serve three years in the Peace Corps.

Additional requirements for citizenship should include no felony convictions and the ability to speak English. A felony conviction should automatically revoke a citizenship and result in immediate deportation.

We need new elected officials in all parts of the federal government so Congress can to start getting some meaningful work done.