Letters to the Editor

Give first responders the equipment they need

Another hurricane season is upon us, and it comes with the high possibility of people ending up in severe distress while a 911 operator says "there's nothing we can do."

That is not what happened in the past. Our first responders never failed to attempt to rescue people even in the height of a storm.

The only thing that has changed is we no longer have the "Ducks," which are amphibious vehicles that can drive on land and water. The Ducks used during Camille belonged to the National Guard, and they did deploy in the height of the storm to rescue people.

Our police officers, firefighters and National Guard service members are courageous, and their courage has not diminished over time. They have and will continue to put themselves in danger to save others.

I call on Coast leaders to give them the equipment they need. Give them the Ducks and let them do what they are trained and want to do.


Ocean Springs