Letters to the Editor

Loaves and Fishes: Our ministry deserves better

Your "'Chaos' on Doorstop: Neighbors Tire of Antics Near Biloxi Soup Kitchen" (May 29) story was a disappointing assault on a valuable ministry.

Loaves and Fishes feeds hundreds of hot meals a week to those who are in need.

The story, focusing on a trespass at one neighbor's house, was written to suggest the Loaves and Fishes mission was responsible. The individual arrested for trespass is not a known customer.

Indeed, the community kitchen was not open on the day in question.

More important, no business is responsible for the acts of its customers off the premises.

Even more disappointing is the paper's willingness to pass along to the public mean-spirited comments describing the hungry as "zombies" and their participation in the basic act of receiving nourishment as "antics." The photo chosen to depict what you describe as "chaos" is nothing more than men walking into a business establishment to be fed.

Hunger is a problem in our community. Loaves and Fishes, in a joint ministry with the Episcopal Church of the Redeemer, has stepped up to feed men, women and children who would otherwise be hungry. This service leads to greater compassion and understanding by those who serve and those who are served.

We would love to have staff members from the Sun Herald join us to serve the hungry.

Or come and be fed.

Either way, you will leave with gratitude.


president, Loaves and Fishes