Letters to the Editor

SCENES FROM THE BEACH | by George Thatcher / JUNE 5, 2016


We live in a clockwork world, so precise that the time of sunrise is predictable thousands of years into the future. The same is true of tides and the positions of stars. The handful of sand I hold is composed of atoms, whirling in their own orbits. Surely the creator of these things must be a master mathematician. The Least Terns we watch will leave our beach in August, returning in April. We are awed and pleased, Lord, to live in your ordered universe. "Hallowed be thy name." -- Diary, spring 2016

From the diary of beach walker George Thatcher / Email: fishcrow@aol.com

Collections of Mr. Thatcher's observations are available from Quail Ridge Press (www.quailridge.com or 1-800-343-1583).