Letters to the Editor

Spend BP money to restore Mississippi Sound

Beach advisories, dead baby dolphins, flesh-eating disease and now scores of stinky dead menhaden along the shores of Jones Park.

What's next?

And our state and local politicians and businesses believe the tourists will continue to come?

Think again. We need to begin spending the BP money on restoring the Mississippi Sound and the Gulf, and saving our precious aquatic life -- and doing what we can do now to prevent more fish kills. Eliminate the menhaden fishing industry along the Mississippi coast -- the economic costs are too high -- the cost of cleanup, the bycatch that affects our recreational and commercial fisheries, and the rotting smell will have tourists looking for beaches in Florida that don't have these issues.

The members of Restore Mississippi Sound are working to improve water quality in the Sound and making it safe for residents, tourists and aquatic life.

Check out our group site, Restore Mississippi Sound, on Facebook.