Letters to the Editor

Don't believe oily promises; we need renewable energy

Mississippians shouldn't be fooled by oil executives who exaggerate the benefits of offshore fossil fuel extraction, gloss over its negative impacts on the environment and local communities and completely ignore the looming issue of climate change.

In Quinn Fanning's "Expect activists at Gulfport meeting on offshore drilling plan" (May 17) forum, he urges the U.S. to become the "number one oil producer in the world" through expanded offshore drilling just as the rest of the world seeks to decrease its dependence on fossil fuels.

Yet doing so would multiply the environmental injustices experienced by state residents who live near oil facilities and the toll on a Gulf ecosystem that still hasn't recovered from BP's Deepwater Horizon disaster six years ago.

Offshore drilling is the messiest and most dangerous form of oil extraction, made even worse by fracking that pollutes our waters with toxic chemicals and releases huge and untracked amounts of methane, a powerful greenhouse gas, into our atmosphere (again, something Fanning fails to mention).

Mississippi should be taking advantage of emerging opportunities in the renewable energy sector rather than doubling down on the dirty energy sources of the past.


Steps Coalition community organizer

Ocean Springs