Letters to the Editor

Coast cities should clean up, prioritize our beaches

Summer has come to South Mississippi, and both locals and visitors like to go to the beach and walk on the sidewalks along U.S. 90, but there is a problem -- sand.

The sidewalks are covered in sand, in some places more than 2 feet deep. You cannot walk or ride a bike through this build-up of sand. It's a shame the cities haven't addressed this issue.

I like to ride my recumbent bike along the south side of U.S. 90, but there are several places I must get off my bike and walk out into the parking bays to get around the high sand.

Also, there are several places where the concrete has been broken for more than a year and no repairs have been made. You can't ride over these broken areas unless you want to bend a rim.

Summer is just beginning, and the sidewalks along the beach are a prime venue for locals and visitors alike. I think this would be an important issue for our local governments to address. It would be an easy task if looked after on a weekly basis, but it will take some time to clear the sidewalks first, and it would be worth the effort.

So, come on local government: Clean and repair the sidewalks, and make our Coast attractive for all.


Long Beach