Letters to the Editor

Misrepresentation of HB 1523 is ridiculous

The constant misrepresentation of HB 1523 is getting to be ridiculous.

Douglas MacCullagh's "Mississippi's guests deserve hospitality, not bigotry" (May 11) letter suggests that his transgender relative would not be able to rent a car or hotel room or maybe order a meal because of HB 1523.

The very specifically defined bill would allow businesses and employees to refuse things like baking a specific cake for a wedding that would be against their religious beliefs, but it would not allow them to refuse to sell any of the baked goods in their bakery to those same customers.

It would allow businesses, if they so chose, to designate that you must use the restroom, locker room or shower assigned to the sex that matches your physical anatomy. Likewise, if I have a business and want to allow people to use the facilities of their choice, I can also do that under the law.

But Mr. MacCullagh's supposition is bogus. There are no car or hotel rentals that are gender specific, and I don't know of any eateries that serve only males or females; therefore, under the specifics of the law, that's a non-issue.

While we are discussing the law, gays are not denied a marriage license under the law. The law requires the issuing agency to provide a license to a gay couple "without delay."

So, if all of their employees have a religious objection to issuing the license, they had better be planning a way to issue one without delay, or they will be breaking the law.


Ocean Springs