Letters to the Editor

Ratepayers deserve better from PSC

The Public Service Commission and Mississippi's elected officials are gutless when it comes to dealing with unregulated monopolies -- and don't forget Kemper -- or they wouldn't allow what's currently happening.

However, the electorate is also at fault. For example: An individual sued Mississippi Power and won thousands in refunds for ratepayers, which he did on his own dime, but he wasn't elected to the PSC when he ran as spokesman because of the "D" after his name on the ballot, but that's a different story.

My beef today is with the patent disregard for Mississippi ratepayers, especially by the PSC.

When I get service from Mississippi Power, I pay my usage fees, but they don't ask how many light switches and outlets I have.

When I get city water, they don't ask how many faucets, toilets and showers will be hooked up to it.

When I get natural gas, they don't ask how many water heaters, ranges and ovens use gas. The list can go on and on.

But if I get a TV service and pay the hookup fee, I can't get it without a box or device for each computer and TV I might want to play. Why is this? I should be able to pay for the service, but I want to decide how many devices I need.

We need a service that allows us to pick and choose channels we want to pay for, but we're just cash cows to them.

This GOP legislature lost millions from the budget, but money means nothing to them.

Contact all of them and complain.