Letters to the Editor

Protest peacefully and stop the violence

I would like to say the demonstrators against Mr. Trump are an example of how much importance people are placing on this election.

But the violence is wrong, and our law enforcement needs to take action with overwhelming force to quell these violent outbursts right when they happen.

There shouldn't be violence no matter which political party is having a rally or event at a location. The rioters in California had no right to violently demonstrate simply because they had different political beliefs than the Trump supporters.

There are those who look at these violent demonstrations as a good thing as they are getting a shot at Mr. Trump, and they agree wholeheartedly with the demonstrators. I say to them there must be law and order and, as the election gets closer, we cannot allow these demonstrations to get out of hand and create chaos in our country.

If you cannot appreciate my point, then you are part of the problem. You must understand that, as long as the law is followed, peaceful demonstrations are the American way and a right.

However, the opposing party's supporters have rights also, and it is so important for these demonstrators to know this and to respect the rights of others.


Ocean Springs