Letters to the Editor

Follow God, and all will be as it should

For six thousand years, God has been attempting to teach his creations how to live together in peace.

However, his people haven't listened to the voice of God but have listened to the voice of the adversary deceiving them into thinking everything is good. We have steadfastly turned away from God's word and have substituted our own wisdom in its place. We have allowed Satan, God's adversary, to take us in a different direction.

Through biblical history, God has provided man the opportunity to make correct decisions that reflect his will and conform to statutes and judgements, but when we get these opportunities, we use our own flawed judgements instead.

Homosexuality and transgenderism are diseases of the mind and not real physical abnormalities.

These individuals are claiming that God, in their case, made a mistake. The only mistake is our thinking that we know better than the one who created us. In this controversy, God's adversary is winning the argument.

Those who choose to continue to follow the word of the creator will have to remain strong and focused because they will be continually harassed by the followers of God's adversary as they have been in the past.

Like those who knew his son, they will have to remain strong in his promises. In the end, he will establish his worldwide government and all will be as it should be.