Letters to the Editor

Unite Mississippians under a new flag

The redesigning of our state flag could be a catalyst for bringing Mississippians together to educate and elevate all who live here.

The current design of our state flag represents, and even symbolizes, division and hatred that dates back to the U.S. Civil War. Historian professor J. David Hacker, through his research, estimates about 750,000 American soldiers were killed and for what? To maintain a lifestyle that was ungodly and inhumane toward a certain race of people.

Racial hatred passed down from generations only instills and perpetuates that evil acts are righteous. Now is the time to replace hatred and bigotry with God's love, which a new state flag could help to achieve.

We should ask Gov. Phil Bryant to step up and take the lead in this state flag issue that could ultimately "build a bridge and not a wall." Nikki Haley, governor of South Carolina, took that leadership role and made the right decision.

Gov. Bryant can strike a decisive blow to the "daily remembrance" of the flag's symbolic injustice and unveil a new state flag of a proud historical future that all Mississippians can stand behind with a prideful outlook. The time has come!